He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Holiness is about unity. Unity with God. Unity with others. Unity with all creation.

Holiness is about wholeness. It is about health. It is about living life to the full. It is not about self-loathing, other loathing, or world loathing.

Holiness is about divinity. Divinity that lives within us, and not that is outside. It is about being children of God. It is not about being slaves.

Holiness is about love. Loving God. Loving ourselves. Loving our neighbors. And loving life.

In all of these things does holiness consist and without any of these things it ceases to be what it is.

But most of all, holiness is in the heart. It is in our heart that we are united, whole, divine, and loving.

This is not what the fearful say.

This is not what the successful say.

But this is what we say. And we say it with our heat.

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Posted June 14, 2017