*Future Posts*

A listing of what I’ve posted and what I’m thinking about posting. Order and content subject to change at any moment…

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  1. What does it mean to be holy? – The ‘essence’ of holiness is ‘wholly’ missing from Wiktionary’s definition!
  2. Why are we so confused about what holiness is? – Two words that explain why even the religious misunderstand the meaning of holiness.
  3. Can a non believer be holy? – Three ways that even an atheist can be holy.
  4. Is virtue a threat to holiness?  – How a fatal flaw in our understanding of virtue practically obliterates our chance of becoming holy.

Thoughts in process:

  • Why holiness generates conflict.
  • The top two sins against holiness.
  • The problem of evil (or more precisely, the lack thereof).
  • The consequence of having holy expectations.
  • What is sin, anyway? From a holiness perspective.
  • Is the idea of heaven helpful or hurtful to holiness?
  • Holiness has no practical value. Why do we insist that it must?
  • Why holiness is not being ‘set apart’ as Wiktionary says.
  • Why holiness is not the same as ‘getting along’. The McDonald’s example…
  • The one reason it is wise to take any pastor’s leadership on holiness with a grain of salt. McDonald’s revisited.
  • A sure sign of spiritual decay – everyone is getting along!